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Doctoral Representation in University Politics

Purpose and Function

The working group Hochschulpolitische Repräsentation der Promovierenden (Doctoral Representation in University Politics; former: Senate and committees) seeks to foster the representation of doctoral candidates at University, especially in its bodies and councils.

Initially, the working group attended to legislative and practical measures implementing a new and own university member-status for doctoral students in Baden-Württemberg’s law of academia by the Gesetz zur Weiterentwicklung des Hochschulrechts from March 18th 2018 (State law on the development of the law of academia; GBl. 2018, S. 85 ff.). This reform led to a separate representation of enrolled doctoral students per se in bodies and councils. The working group also supported the first elections for the one-year-term starting on October 1st, 2019.

These structures being created, the working group purposes to strengthen them and improve their practical activity. Therefore, it ameliorates doctoral candidates’ knowledge, empowering them to make active use of their representative opportunities, by any form of commitment, especially by voting and running for seats. The group constitutes a networking-forum for doctoral candidates involved in university politics and provides them with information and assistance. For these purposes, it also stays in touch with relevant university agents.

Exercising the Convention’s representative competences, the working group assists its Executive Committee.


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