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General Assembly 

3rd June - 18pm

Im Neuenheimer Feld 370 (Käthe Leichte Forum)

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How to Apply for Funding


  1. Any project/idea should be discussed with the ExCo during one of the Regular Meetings.
  2. Financial Applications (Template: pdf - docx) should be sent to the ExCo.
  3. ExCo needs to vote for the Financial Application.
  4. Check of the Financial Application by StuRa.
  5. Any eventual change concerning the Financial Applciation needs to be approved by the ExCo again.
  6. For accounting:
  • Financial Statement (signed by financial officers of the ExCo);
  • The approved financial application and all its changes (voted by the ExCo);
  • The minutes of the approved financial applications and their changes;
  • Original bills (no copies!);
  • If something is paid online beside the bill, further proof is required (such as PayPal bill, credit-card statement etc.).

Some Rules:​​​​​​

  • If we wish to get a speaker for a workshop we need to publish the offer on our website for one month;
  • If something costs more than 500 € three independent offers need to be handed-in;
  • Workshops can be supported with a maximum of 60 € per person;
  • Alcohol is restricted (see Alcohol Consumption Limits);
  • Food is limited per person per day (see Hospitality Policy and Sustainability Policy).


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