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Regular Sessions

The regular meetings take place at least two times per semester and are open to all doctoral students. At the regular meetings the executive committee as well as the working groups can present their work, and issues are discussed. Here all doctoral students may present their concerns.



Date Location
Regular Sessions
February 2020 t.b.a.


Regulars' Table

The regulars' table (Stammtisch) is an informal frame for a social get together, offering doctoral students the opportunity to exchange views among each other or with the members of the executive committee. It takes places on the first Wednesday of each month at 8 pm.



Date Location
Regulars' Tables
04.09.2019, 8 pm Café Botanik (INF 304, Zentralmensa)
02.10.2019, 8 pm Café Botanik (INF 304, Zentralmensa)
06.11.2019, 8 pm Café Botanik (INF 304, Zentralmensa)
11.12.2019, 8 pm (postponed) Café Botanik (INF 304, Zentralmensa)



General Assembly

The General Assembly is the main legal platform of the DSC and takes place once a year. Important topics of the year are discussed, possible changes to the rules of procedure are decided upon and the new executive committee is to be elected for one year.


Date Location
General Assemblies
13.11.2019, 7 pm INF227, room 3.403/4


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