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You are a doctoral researcher at Heidelberg University? Then we are happy to welcome you as a member of the Doctoral Students Convention! That is because it is composed of all doctoral researchers accepted by one of Heidelberg University's faculties. The Doctoral Students Convention represents their interests towards the different committees within the university as well as in all external affairs.

On this page you find all information about what exactly the Doctoral Students Convention is doing and how you can get involved yourself to help improving the conditions during the doctoral phase.


27.05.2019 This wednesday, 29.5.2019,a networking evening will take lace in our office (INF 294). All candidates of the status group doctoral candidates for the senate and faculty councils will be there. The agenda can be found here and all candidates are listed here (right column)
15.04.2019 The senate and faculty councils of the Heidelberg University will be elected in June. For the first time ever, doctoral researcher can vote and are allowed seats in these councils. Do you want to vote or candidate? More infos here
02.04.2019 Boulderhouse with doctoral candidates! From the 10th April on we invite you to join us at the Boulderhouse Heidelberg every second Wednesday of the month. Be active and meet fellow doctoral candidates from all faculties. [Mehr]
14.02.2019: The regular meeting of the winter semester 18/19 took place yesterday. Two new working groups have been founded focusing on two topics: Status Group Doctoral Researchers and Workshop/Seminars for PhDs.
16.11.2018: Yesterday, on the 15th of November 2018, the new executive committee of the Doctoral Students Convention was elected during the annual general assembly. An overview of the nine elected members of the executive committee can be found here
31.05.2018: Theresia Bauer, the Minister of Science, has reacted to the protests of the doctoral students conventions and the initiatives of affected doctoral researchers. In an official statement (sent on May 30), she announced that, while the planned cuts will take place, already started projects will definitely remain funded by LGF money. [More]
08.05.2018: We are protesting against the planned cuts of the Landesgraduiertenförderung. We wrote a protest letter to the responsible Ministry of Science in Stuttgart. You can find our statement here (in German). If you are affected by the cuts, please do not hesitate to contact us! [More]
18.03.2018: The parliament of the state of Baden-Württemberg has passed the changes in the HRWeitG law on 07.03.2018. You can find more information on the pages of the Ministry of Science. You can find the exact wording of the law here
06.01.2018: On Friday, 8th of December 2017, representatives of all doctoral students conventions in Baden-Württemberg met with Minister of Science Theresia Bauer in Heidelberg to discuss the latest changes in the HRWeitEG draft law before it is going to be debated in the state parliament. [More]

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