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Working Groups

The working groups constitute part of the foundation of the Doctoral Convention (DC). They offer interested doctoral researchers the possibility to discuss current issues and to develop possible solutions. The executive committee of the DC is obliged to take the results found by working groups into consideration when making decisions. The working groups can be divided into two types: topic-specific and faculty-specific working groups. Each working group elects a speaker as the contact person for doctoral researchers and the executive committee.

Topic-specific working groups

These working groups deal mostly with the overall framework of doctoral studies at Heidelberg University or with the DC itself. Possible examples include working groups for improving the conditions for international doctoral researchers or doctoral researchers with children. Any doctoral researcher at the university may participate in these working groups or initiate new working groups.

  • Doctoral Regulations

Speaker:  Moritz Hacke

Description:  The Working Group on Doctoral Regulations deals with all matters relating to the regulations of Doctoral Studies of the respective Faculty. In doing so, the members of this wroking group can give their opinion on a change of their respective doctoral regulation, or work out and submit proposals. Since the Faculties actively involve the Doctoral Candidates in the consultation process, there is a great opportunity for participation. 

  • 4EU +

Speaker:  Joris Frenz  

Description:  The 4EU + European University Alliance is an initiative to increase cooperation between universities on a European level. Especially in the areas of study, teaching, research and knowledge transfer, we PhD students can actively contribute to the development of cooperative structures in the sense of the scientific as well as the European idea. This year in particular, there are many groundbreaking decisions to be made, for which we, together with our colleagues in Paris, Prague, Warsaw, Copenhagen and Milan, are working out creative solutions. We would be delighted if we, in the 4EU + working group, could soon shape this exciting project together with you!

  • Communication

Speaker:  Jonas Faust and Nora Jamaladdin

Description: All the tasks and projects of the DC face one ubiquitous problem: mobilizing enough doctoral candidates who would like to contribute to this work. Thus, the goal of this working group is to improve the communication between the DC and doctoral candidates. In particular, the group tries to find means to inform all doctoral candidates about what the DC is, what it is specifically working on and how they can actively participate in this work. These means include regular PR via our website and social media channels, flyers and posters, and the occasional social event.

  • Workshops and seminars

Speaker: Ruxandra Burghelea

Description:  The group focuses on the organization of seminars and workshops for doctoral researchers. Universal topics that are of interest to all doctoral researchers at Heidelberg University are preferred. However, topics that cover a particular field of research can also be considered. For organizing such events, there is a budget available, which is composed of enrollment fees paid by doctoral researchers to Heidelberg University. We would like to especially encourage proposals for workshop topics that are not yet covered by the Graduate Academy Seminar Program ( ) or by field-specific graduate school programs .

Faculty-specific working groups

These working groups deal with issues only concerning a specific faculty. An example for such a working group is discussing planned changes to doctoral regulations. Participation in these working groups is limited to doctoral researchers of the respective faculty.

  • Doctoral Regulations Medicine "Dr. sc. Hum."

Speaker: Moritz Hacke

Description:  At the Heidelberg medical faculty, there are new doctoral regulations ( German: Doctoral regulations ) underway. As a body, we firmly believe in the involvement of doctoral candidates in the creation of the new doctoral regulations. It is to this effect that we have established this group to review and discuss the new doctoral regulations with doctoral candidates to get their inputs and contributions. This working group offers doctoral candidates a platform to participate in shaping the new doctoral regulations by collecting, structuring, and presenting their suggestions to the faculty. We are looking forward to working together to bring a doctoral regulations that reflects the interests of all concerned parties.


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