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What is the Senate?

  • highest decision-making body of the University (e.g. examination, doctoral regulations, professorships etc.)
  • determines strategic orientation of the University in research, studies, teaching
  • various committees available for selective engagement
  • 4 voting seats for Doctoral Candidates available!

More information on the University Website.


Viviane Charlotte Schmidt

Marvin Möhler

Hannah Klein

Matthias Heil

Senate Elections 2022

  • 07 June (11:00 AM) - 13 (11:00 AM) June

  • Term of Office one year

  • Results


With the amendment of the University State Law (Landeshochschulgesetz), effective since March 30th, 2018, doctoral students became an independent status group at the universities in Baden-Wuerttemberg implying the right to vote in university boards.

The Basic Statute (Grundordnung) of Heidelberg University was adapted accordingly in the beginning of 2019. Consequently, doctoral students received four seats in the Senate, the highest decision-making body of the University, and up to three seats in each Faculty Council. Besides students, Academic Employees and non-academic employees (all occupying four of 39 voting seats in Senate), doctoral students now constitute the fourth non-professorial status group of the University Senate.

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