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Useful Links and Contacts

Graduate Academy

The Graduate Academy is the central coordinating body for all support services related to general advising, professional and academic development and financial assistance for doctoral researchers at Heidelberg University.

heiDOCS Doctoral Students' Portal

heiDOCS is the university-wide quality programme for the development of doctoral researchers at Heidelberg University.

Doctoral Students' Office

The Doctoral Students' Office is in charge of introducing and managing the Online Doctorate File in the heiDOCS portal.


There are two ombudspersons to whom doctoral researchers and their supervisors can turn in cases of conflict surrounding their doctoral projects. They will act as confidential and impartial advisors and mediators.

Prof. Dr. Christiane von Stutterheim (email)

Prof. em. Dr. Hans-Werner Wahl (email)

Faculties (Dean's offices/Doctoral regulations)

On this page you can find the links to the doctoral regulations and further information on the doctoral programmes of the different faculties of Heidelberg University. Furthermore, the contact information of all dean's offices are listed.

Forum of Doctoral Conventions in Baden-Württemberg

The Forum of Doctoral Conventions in Baden-Württemberg sees itself as the networking body and common voice of all Doctoral Sudents Conventions in the state of Baden-Württemberg. (website only in German and still in development)

Mittelbauinitiative Heidelberg

The Mittelbauinitiative Heidelberg is dedicated to improve the working conditions and participatory rights of the academic employees at Heidelberg University.

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