Doktorandenkonvent der Universität Heidelberg
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69120 Heidelberg


Robert Lilow
Stefanie Kuen


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Further Information

Doctoral Students Convention

What is the Doctoral Students Convention?

Established due to the changes in the State University Law of Baden-Württemberg (Landeshochschulgesetz, LHG), the Doctoral Students Convention (DSC) is a new council of Heidelberg University, tasked with the representation of doctoral students. It functions in an advisory capacity to Faculties and other university councils in all matters that relate to the studies of PhD students. Furthermore, the DSC selected delegates for the Council for Graduate Studies of Heidelberg University.

The constituting of the Doctoral Students Convention is an important first step towards establishing doctoral students as their own status group at Heidelberg University, by allowing them for the first time to participate in university politics and in decisions that directly relate to their studies. At Heidelberg University, a centralized Doctoral Students Convention was established, which unites doctoral students of all faculties. Furthermore, the DSC is part of the forum of all doctoral students conventions in the state of Baden-Württemberg.

Organigramm Doktorandenkonvent (eng)

Functions of the Doctoral Students Convention

  • The Doctoral Students Convention is the central forum for and representation of all PhD students at Heidelberg University.
  • The DSC represents the interests of PhD students of all field of study and all types of study. It#s primary purpose is the representation of doctoral students with respect to their judicial and social standing, their type of study, their mode of financing and adjacent areas. Most prom
  • The Doctoral Student Convention especially regards the freedom of research and scientific cultures that are specific to given fields of research.
  • The DSC, being a university-wide council, strives to improve interdisciplinary and international networking between doctoral students.
  • The DSC sees itself as a mediatory instance between university councils and PhD students themselves. As such, it aspires after a constructive collaboration with both the councils of Heidelberg University as well as the doctoral student conventions of other universities.
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